Administrative staff of Radio Engineering Faculty

1.    Dean

PhD, Associate professor Antypenko Ruslan

e-mail: r.antypenko[at]

Scientific interests: digital signal processing, satellite communication systems, radar and navigation systems, microwave systems.

Antypenko R. is one of designers of nanosatellite PolyITAN-1 in the framework of international project QB50

2.    Vice- Dean  for work with students

PhD, Associate professor Ivaniuk Natalia

e-mail: ivanyuk[at]

Scientific interests: digital signal processing, analogue circuit design.

3.    Vice-Dean for methodical work

PhD, Associate professor Adamenko Yuliia

e-mail: j.adamenko[at]

Scientific interests: MEM systems, micro and nanoelectronic systems.

4.    Vice-Dean for International Cooperation

PhD, Associate Professor, Iryna Sushko

e-mail: sushko[at]

Scientific interests: digital signal and image processing, protection of information, digital circuit design.

5.    Vice-Dean for scientific work

PhD, Sergey Leviy

e-mail: sleviy[at]

Scientific interests: non-destructive testing systems in criminological investigations.