Faculty of Radio Engineering invites to studying bachelors, masters and PhD students on Telecommunication and Radio Engineering Specialty.

Also we invite everyone who wants to improve their professional skills in separate directions of Electrical and Radio Engineering. For, example, in areas of digital signal processing, CAD systems, antenna system design, embedded systems etc.

We invite the citizens of any country all over the world on studying:

  1. Bachelor degree – school graduates for 4 years education.
  2. Master degree – on the basis of the bachelor degree for 2 years education.
  3. PhD degree – on the basis of the master degree for 4 years education.
  4. Training in specific areas of Electronics, Communications and Radio Engineering – studying for 2 months or more.

For further information please contact Vice-Dean for International Cooperation Iryna Sushko sushko[at]ros.kpi.ua.

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  • English

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