Radioengineering Information Technology

The department of radio engineering devices and systems
Specialization: «RadioEngineering Information Technology»


“Radioengineering Information Technology” enable students to gain expertise in construction of various modern and perspective radioengineering information systems:

  • information transfer – which includes modern television systems DVB-S2, DVB-T2, a second mobile communication systems of the second (GSM), the third (UMTS) and the fourth (WiMax, LTE) generations, local communication between devices over WiFi, Bluetooth;
  • extraction of information – which includes radar systems, radio navigation systems – such as GPS, GALILEO, remote environmental probing systems, radio equipment surveillance systems etc.;
  • information support of controlling systems;
  • destruction of enemy information and protection of proprietary information.

Students gain professional knowledge of:

  • theory of Radioengineering Systems
  • foundations of transmission device construction, methods of generation and modulation
  • radio, TV systems
  • noise-immune coding methods
  • features of radio engineering  information systems construction in the event of various types disturbances
  • construction of adaptive high-speed communication channels for networks – 4G, 5G
  • design methods of radio engineering devices
  • Programming of modern digital signal processors, programmable integrated circuits, microcontrollers
  • methods and algorithms for digital processing and signal formation
  • radionetworks design, calculation coverage and traffic.

Specialization “Radioengineering Information Technology” provides training of bachelor’s, master’s, PhD levels.

Bachelor’s level provides knowledge of the theoretical foundations of construction, calculations and adjustment of radioengineering information systems, communication channels and devices.

Master’s Level provides knowledge regarding research on improving and creation of radioengineering information systems and devices.

The level of Ph.D. provides acquisition of competencies by graduates in research on forecasting of radioengineering information technologies development,  creation of new areas of development.