Radiosystem engineering

The department of theoretical foundations of radio engineering
Specialization: «Radiosystem engineering»


Specialization “Radiosystem Engineering” aims to train specialists in the field of creation and operation of devices and systems based on the use of electromagnetic oscillations and waves as data carriers. Graduates will gain knowledge and understand the principles of operation and construction of the inalienable modern people radio systems engineering such as:

  • wireless local data networks (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth);
  • mobile communication systems;
  • satellite information and navigation systems;
  • various radar systems of military and civilian purpose;
  • medical radio electronic systems, etc.

Specialization “Radiosystem engineering” enables graduates to acquire knowledge in:

  • theory of radio electronic devices construction  and information processing systems;
  • theory of formation, transmission and reception of signals;
  • electromagnetic field theory as a carrier of information in radiosystems;
  • theoretical principles of creation of emitters and sensor systems for the transmission, receipt and destruction of information.

Radiosystem engineering covers all problems of receiving, processing, storage, transmission, destruction and information security of radio engineering equipment. Students acquire systematic approach and competence in designing and operating of variety radio information systems, including such systems as satellite, mobile and Internet, digital TV, radar, global radio navigation, civilian and military control, electronic warfare, information security, medical electronics etc.